Sports Massage

4060 minutes

Sports massage isn’t just for athletes!! It is great for people with injuries, chronic pain or restricted range of movement. It aids circulation and lymphatic drainage and can relieve tight or tired muscles. It also helps with pre and post event warm ups and cool downs.

Sports massage is great in the preparation for big events such as marathons, cycle races, rugby, football and any other sport! Our sports masseuses often include PNF stretching as part of their treatment.


  1. Is it true that sports massage is painful?

    Some types of massage are more superficial and relaxing. Sports massage works deeper into the body’s soft tissue and can be slightly uncomfortable. However, the massage should not be so painful that it causes a client to tighten up, or tense with pain, as it has little benefit to them. During treatment, our sports massage therapist will check how the pressure is and gauge how you react to deeper techniques in certain areas.

  2. What should I wear during a massage?

    Wear loose, comfortable clothing or sports shorts. We will, as with all our therapies, preserve your modesty at all times. Patients are always covered with a towel to protect any clothing from oils used.